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Ophelie_Vielles_aboutOphélie Vielles


English to French translator

Lives in Plélan Le Grand, France

Qualities: attentive to details, responds promptly, eager to communicate, reliable

Interests: gaming, 3D modeling (Blender) and Graphic design, IT, literature (SF, fantastic, fantasy, classics) and sports (swimming, cycling, running)

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Professional Profile
A professional and independant translator, I specialize in Video games, marketing and Pedagogy.
A localization specialist, I am also an avid gamer. I work hard, I play hard. Check out my feedback page.
An experienced writer, I have worked as a copywriter in the advertising field before becoming a full-time translator.
A French native speaker, I translate into French exclusively.
A linguistic graduate, holder of a Master’s degree, I understand the cultural subtleties of English linguistics. I have also traveled a lot in English-speaking countries.

2 réponses to “About me

  • Hi Ophélie,

    I am very interested in your profile on proz, could you please write me your word rate, hour rate and minimum fee?
    I will be very thankful for the informtion.

    Best Regards,
    Maria Wrotkowska

  • Hi. Je suis aussi une tracductrice, mais des langes anglais et espagnol. Je me plait que vous soyez une traductrice, je pense vous doitez savoir beaucoup sur le langue francaise, et je me permettre vous demander si vous pouvez m’aider avec le francais, j’étudie cette beaute lange á la Université.


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